Tracking the Bitcoin Millionaires

The Forbes 400 tracks the super-rich in the analog economy. Digital Currency now has its own version in the BitcoinRichList, which was a hit link this week on Hacker News, the startup news hub operated by Y Combinator.

The only problem: It’s not very exciting, as bitcoin owners are only identified by their numerical wallet addresses, making it all kind of impersonal. There’s also the possibility that some of these wallets represent major bitcoin exchanges or investment companies. But the potential usefulness is addressed in the FAQ:

Why are these stats useful? Information about major holders and insider transaction data is useful for trading stocks. The same could be said for bitcoin.

The post on Hacker News triggered an interesting discussion focusing on the fact that some of the accounts seem to have been idle for years, suggesting that the bitcoin may be lost and thus unlikely to benefit from the surging value of the crypotocurrency.

Image by Zach Copley via Flickr

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